27 Luglio 2021

Gruppo Romani as a partner for the custom creation of the new restaurant Amber in Modena

Amber, the new space dedicated to the ultimate in well-being, created by Filippo Bottura, Marco Farina, Benjamin Mascolo and Cecilia Montano, chose Gruppo Romani as a partner to customize its new Modena headquarters.

The concept, curated by Wabisabistudio, combines a new notion of sustainable and responsible cuisine with the desire to live in harmony with one’s body, and offers a complete wellness program from exercise to eating in its Amber Cafè, Amber Lounge and Amber Fitness spaces.

In order to meet the stylistic needs of the venue, Gruppo Romani created, through the Cerasarda Custom division, “made-to-measure” products that feature a chromatic scale of the yellow shade found in the logo. The hexagonal features of Cir Ceramiche were selected for the counter of the Amber Cafè, while the exclusive wallpaper-effect decorative pattern of Chromagic Floral was chosen for the bathroom walls and to upholster the furniture elements. The Atelier Cerasarda brand exclusively created coordinated proposals for the mise en place.