On the sandy coasts around Biarritz, sometimes visited by passing Atlantic whales, there are monuments and views of great elegance. The appeal of the ocean waves pounding onto the beaches has transformed it into Europe’s California, and a favourite resort for surfing and seaside living. With its classy style and a constant eye kept on fashions and the latest trends, Biarritz, pinnacle of sophistication and home to a jet set to be reckoned with, inspires a collection of floors and walls devised to clothe this contemporary, laid-back lifestyle with elegance. Delicate textures mixing geometrical designs with floral elements that match each other to perfection are to be found on the surfaces in this collection, to bring back all the beauty of stone to the surroundings. The wide range of modular sizes and the richness of the colours enable decorative solutions of great visual impact to be achieved, making Biarritz the ideal solution to customize the floors and walls of indoor and outdoor areas.