MAT Cold Materials - Informal, uncluttered elegance offering a refuge from tension and stress. Spaces to dream in, create new designs and find inspiration for living each day to the full, following your own internal rhythm far away from transient fashions.
MAT Brichy - The vitality of the brightest colour on the chromatic scale is a vibrant emotion that brings warmth to any environment
MAT Sky - Positive and relaxing, to be experimented in combination with very warm, all-embracing colour tones
MAT Zinc - Modern and neutral but with personality, for putting together original, unexpected combinations
MAT Cloud - A feeling of lightness and brilliance pervades the surroundings and is visually captivating.
MAT Mud - From nature comes the inspiration for unusual colours that make each project special.
MAT Smoke - The versatile charm of a timeless colour to adorn contemporary surroundings
MAT Oyster - Light colour tones are the best ally in a contemporary search for the essential.
MAT Warm Materials - Refined details of spaces with a decisive character that tell of passions and pulsate with life. Unique and continually evolving, they represent unusual interpretations of today’s many styles of living, both urban and country.
MAT Sandal - A style choice that’s out of the ordinary, opening up a brand-new perspective on designer living.